Animal Rescue Recon, Inc.

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Petco Foundation Grant Received!

Animal Rescue Recon, Inc. is honored to receive a $1500 grant to help extend our efforts and serve the Petco Foundation’s mission to raise the quality of life for pets and people who love and need them. #PetcoFoundation.

These funds will be applied towards the $1500 in vet bills incurred by Riley aka Annabelle. And as a result of the generous community support, we were able to raise enough to help with the feeding of her 10 surviving puppies.

This sweet female lab, doomed to be killed by the shelter, turned out to be pregnant when we took her in on Sept 15th. After birthing 12 puppies (2 didn’t survive) on Oct 7th, Riley was being a great mom until she came down with a bad infection, making her unable to feed her babies.

ARR scrambled to get the pups into multiple foster homes so they could be properly fed and cared for, which resulted in needing a lot of puppy formula and food, all while incurring over $1500 in vet bills to get the mom healthy.

Riley is doing much better and her babies will be ready to "Foster to Adopt" the first weekend of December when they are 8 weeks old!

Thanks to #PetcoFoundation, Animal Rescue Recon can continue to save more dogs from needless killing because ALL LIVES MATTER!