Animal Rescue Recon, Inc.

No Pet Left Behind


Special Adoption Programs

ARR believes that the unconditional love of a special pet can help people through difficult times, whether it be the loss of a loved one or just challenges adjusting to a new life phase.

There are many studies that show dogs can heal a person's heart and soul. With their endless comfort, unconditional love, kisses and warm cuddles they make the perfect companion for anyone, but especially for those who are hurting. They can offer so much peace - a soul that wants nothing more that to give to and please their "person".

Animal Rescue Recon believes a rescued dog, especially those that have had a tough go of life recently, a dog saved from senseless shelter killings, an unwanted dog picked up off the streets, make the BEST companions. There's a sense of thankfulness and gratitude - like they know they have been saved and they don't take that for granted.

"Healing Veterans Hearts"

ARR wants to recognize the Veterans who gave it all to serve our country. The folks at Animal Rescue Recon would like to give back to those Veterans by giving the gift of a life-long companion.

As a way for ARR to thank our Veterans and to help place these homeless dogs, we will waive our normal adoption fee of $300. In return, we ask for a donation - whatever your heart tells you to give - to help us continue to save these at-risk dogs that are so deserving of loving homes and help heal the heart and soul of a Veteran.

"Seniors for Seniors"

In addition to honoring our Veteran's, Animal Rescue Recon recognizes the importance of helping Senior citizens find love and companionship, as well. Some seniors are active, some are slowing down, some are lonely. The same applies to our senior dogs.

In an effort to match our Seniors (ages 7+) with Seniors (over 65) who would benefit from some 4-legged companionship, Animal Rescue Recon will waive their normal adoption fee. If it's in your heart and budget to make a small donation to help us continue our work of rescuing at-risk dogs, that would be most appreciated. However, we understand the limited income for some Seniors and want to help those that want the unconditional love of a dog achieve that without it being a financial burden.

It's can be so frustrating when our seniors are overlooked so quickly for the cute puppies, when they deserve a loving home just as much, if not more, than that little bundle of fur. And let's face it, how many seniors (people) want to go through potty training, puppy classes, the chewing phase, etc. Wouldn't it be nice to have a calm, loving dog to sit and watch TV with, snuggle with at bedtime, and maybe force you out of the house for a short walk?

Come meet all of the wonderful rescue dogs looking for loving homes every Saturday from 10am - 1pm at Pet Food Express in Antioch at the Slatten Ranch Shopping Center.

Some "Healing Veterans Hearts" Recipients:

Les S., a Viet Nam veteran, and his wife Wanda had been looking for a new family member. When they came upon Walter, a handsome 5-6 year old Sheltie mix, Les and Wanda immediately fell in love! Walter went to his new forever home on August 21st.

Alfonso S., formerly with the US Army and Army Reserves, and his wife Jean were longing for a pet that would make the perfect companion. Alfonso is confined to a motorized wheelchair but still enjoys spending time outdoors. He needed a dog that wouldn't be afraid of the chair and calmly walk alongside. They contacted ARR and showed up at a Saturday adoption event, and that's when they met Twinkie, a sweet 2 year old Terrier mix that had weaned her pups and was ready for a new home of her own.